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Quality management is an integral part of the policy and strategy of "COLOR-PLAST" Ltd. and is focused on:

- Implementation of continuous targeted improvements necessary for the success of "COLOR-PLAST" Ltd.;

- Meeting the requirements and increasing customer satisfaction;

- Improvement staff qualification in accordance with the needs and objectives of "COLOR-PLAST" Ltd.;

- Establishing relationships with suppliers and partners, improving and increasing the effectiveness and benefits of cooperative activities;

- Increase the number of suppliers and partners;

- Increase the commitment of "COLOR-PLAST" Ltd. to society in terms of saving the environment, health and safety of the population;

- Comply with the applicable requirements of the regulations established by the legislative body or other authority empowered;

- Ensure the necessary resources for product development and the operation and continuous improvement and analysis of quality management in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008;

- Firming customer confidence in the loyalty of the company;

- Firming and expanding the markets gained;

- Significant increase in quality and productivity as a result of joint efforts of all staff, throughout the overall production cycle;

- Continuous research and constant striving to meet customer requirements and expectations;

- Optimization of financial and economical values /costs and expenses, profit, etc./;

- Comply with requirements of normative documents - laws, regulations, standards, etc. associated with quality parameters and products safety;

- Reduction of non-conforming products and the costs associated with them;

- Further training of the staff;

- Stimulating the creative activity of the staff;

- Provision and maintenance of conditions for safe and healthy working environment and environmental protection;

- Keeping the responsibilities and obligations in terms of quality of all officials at all levels within the organization.

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